Back to school !

John & Martha
John & Martha

So with a quick look at the US terminal charts it became fairly clear that I had some learning to do. The layout is quite different from ours and there are lots of coloured lines and shaded areas that made no sense at all to me. Clearly I would need to get this sorted out before taking on such a mission.

So I went back to the internet and ordered some training videos from the people that arguably have made the most impact on pilot training in the USA, John and Martha King.

The videos at first appear a little cheesy but you quickly fit into their relaxed style and compared to most learning I’ve ever done I would say they are the most easy to understand, well paced and enjoyable training systems I’ve ever used.

I didn’t anticipate actually having fun but these made the whole exercise a lot of fun. So much so I’m going to get more. Some of the stuff is fairly basic but its so enjoyable that its fun to have a look back at the basics again.