2010 was the first year I had been to Oshkosh. It had been a long time coming really but for most homebuilders it is a bit of a religious experience. The home of the EAA, most homebuilders visit Oshkosh at some stage.


I enjoyed the meet. I call it a meet rather than an airshow since I feel that is what it is really. The air display is OK but that is all, I’ve seen better.


It was the final day of the meet and the daily show had just finished. The place had already begun to empty out the day prior but once the daily show had ended the floodgates openned and every aeroplane on the field was in a departure queue setting the airfield up to be a ghost town.

In front of me I watched as a woman with two battens controlled taxi flow like some kind of ballet when it hit me.

“I need to get more involved with this”

I didn’t really know what I meant. It was like someone was telling me something that hadn’t been thoroughly explained.

Slowly over the next half hour it dawned on me what I needed to do. I needed to have my Falco at Oshkosh!


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