Forward to the Past !

Well today I had a rude shock !

I thought I’d contact my shipping people just to keep in touch.


The photo above is boring right?  Just a picture of a truck with a swing lift. You see them all the time right?  Well if you live in the USA this may as well be a time machine because they don’t have them. Eh? Yup.. no such thing up there. If you want to get your cantainer off the back of the truck and onto the ground there are 2 options. 1- you can’t ! or 2- you balance the bloody thing on a huge forklift. YIKES! eh? imagine that.. a 40’ container balancing on a forklift.

What this basically means is that I need to either be in the USA and find a loading bay where I unload the aeroplane from the container while the truckdriver waits ( this apparently is the common method ! - what a mega pain!) or I find somewhere that has a gargantuan forklift that can do the job I need. Both methods are a bloody pain in the rear!


Crikey.. about time the USA learnt a thing or two from us Kiwi’s !


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    Thom Steury (Friday, 08 June 2012 19:31)

    Yep. Everything George says about off loading container trucks in the US is true. It was quite a show at Chino. We do have some catching up to do!