Mental Check-Up

“Am I going nuts?” I thought to myself.

The idea of getting my Falco to Oshkosh was new to me but why hasn’t it been done? If it has, why not more often? I must be nuts!

OK so there was no way I wanted to fly my Falco across the Pacific so that is one thing in my favour of mental stability but it still seemed like I was out on a limb. Yes the exercise would be expensive but given the cost of the ‘hobby’ in the first place I would be surprised if money was the only reason that I was 'giving birth' to this idea. An idea that by now seemed so obvious.

I thought I better spin it by someone else.

I felt a bit silly when I first began to air the idea to Darryn but he seemed to pick up the idea with a reasonable amount of enthusiasm himself so surely that was a good sign? Over the next hour or so we started throwing a few ideas back and forth and from then on I knew I had to follow this up.


What a great experience it would be to fly my own creation across the USA to visit the home of the homebuilt. To join in with all the other homebuilders across the USA in such massive numbers seems like it would finally legitimize what I had done by building my own aeroplane in the first place. Maybe after that there would be nothing left to do but what was really exciting was that this has my attention back to how it was when I first started building the Falco. Maybe this is why I did it in the first place but I just didn’t know it.

I can’t let this drop without finding out more.


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