Flight Planning

I've spent the last few days looking over some WAC charts of the USA... I want to have a general idea of the trip to OSH before I go just to see how I can break it up. I don't want to spend any more than about 2.5 hours in the plane on any one day and want to be well and truely parked up.. preferably in the hotel by mid-day. That will give us the afternoon to look around and the evening to plan the following day or maybe stay an extra day if we really feel like it.

That breaks it up into a 5 day trip which is great so then if we allow 7  we should be very comfortable and have an enjoyable trip.

The trip back will be a bit more fluid. At this stage I'm thinking southerly routing to get to OSH and Northerly to get home.

Also for all the planning I've been trying out various iPad apps. Many need subscriptions so I'm leaving that until October so I will only need to buy one yearly subscription for each app.

I also needed to arrange a DUATS account. I got that today but I think there is either something wrong with the Site or it has security to disallow using the site from overseas which I guess in understandable. I managed to get hold of CSC for that but DTC seem to be uncontactable.. no issue I guess.