Success and Confusion

With the new year starting the whole project has taken on a new air of urgency for me. I know there are a few things I need to wait just a little bit longer for but over the next few months it will start to ramp up.

This month so far has seen both successes and confusion. 


1) I finally managed to get hold of the right people at EAA Chapter 92 in Chino so I could book some hangar space. Its meant that I really needed to start now which was a bit more expense than I wanted but at least the way I can be sure that I have something. Ironically Vicki managed to find some other possible backstops but now this is a go so I can check off Hangar space. It is a bit of a problem in that I can't store my packing material there so I still may swap around once I'm there.. we'll see.

2) I applied for, and got my US Visa which is a requirement for flying in the USA. Not really a big issue but its done at least.. check it off.



The TSA and their airspace waiver programme continue to be a source of angst. Trying to get a reply from them, let alone information is like getting blood from stone. The EAA seem to think (while not being certain) that I don't actually need the airspace waiver and point to an old outdated NOTAM. Unfortunately the old NOTAM seems to have been removed from references so I can't read it for myself.

Oh well.. everyone has been very friendly and hasn't minded my stupid questions thus far.


Other progress: I have some more plywood so I'm off to go and start some container packaging.


Other causes of angst: The Auckland warfies labour dispute continues. Hopefully I won't need to take the whole game to Tauranga.


What was I thinking !