Weight, half an hour

Before and After
Before and After

Last year some time I was looking over the possible tracks and realised we would be operating out of some very high airfields. This coupled with high temperatures meant that some density altitudes would be up over 9000 feet. I haven't operated anything like this so it would be new territory for me.

While pondering this it became apparent that weight would be a concern. At the very least, something would have to go. Fuel is one option. We could shorten the legs but they were already pretty short so I didn't really want to reduce fuel more than necessary.

The best option by far was to reduce the weight of the pilot. When I considered this I was 97 kg. I had over the years slowly gained weight and I really wasn't keen to cross the 100kg boundry so I decided to make the effort to get rid of some unwanted load.

As of this writing I have shed 12kg and I'm at my goal weight. Its healthier, I feel great and now I have room for an extra half hour fuel. 

It makes people laugh when I tell them why I lost weight but hey.. who cares.. its a win-win for me and I actually found it quite easy. Its funny what you can do when you put your mind to it !