A crucial step

Today I received my very first airspace waiver to cover the test flying of the aeroplane. A huge.. I mean HUGE step forward and a weight off my mind. OK I'm not appoved for everything but I have at least proved the system works and that I understand it.


Also.. I was struggling how to pack the engine for shipping. Bryn took one look and told me the best way, which now seems bloody obvious but I didn't see it. Another weight off my mind.


The annual is all done so now the plane nervously awaits its dismantling.


Shipping is sorted through Tauranga.. avoid the Auckland mess !

Insurance sorted

Carnet applied for

Container booked,

its getting down to the business end.


for the rest of the blogs I am moving to a different system. It will make life a lot easier since the new method is available from my iPad or iPhone.

So if you want to follow, be sure to bookmark..


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